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20x20 Mobile Ice Rink

20x20 Mobile Ice Rink

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Rent the 20' x 20' Mobile Ice Rink - IJUMP Party Rentals

This Ice Rink Rental is a setup of 20 feet wide and 20 feet long and is 400 sqaure feet of Ice Skating Fun. Our Ice rinks are made of pure synthetic material that is self lubricating for the slickest and fastest synthetic ice skating. It can hold between 15-25 people skating at one time. This Rink includes 10 pairs of skates and barrier/fence, we also offer additional skates if needed.

With the holdiday season coming this is sure to be a great addition to any small event.

This Ice Rink can also be used Indoor or Outdoors.

(If being used outdoors area mus be flat. Any area that is not flat may be charged for site prep to get the area flat and level.)

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